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Hey if u gym like a freak and u want 2 look like mr BIG RON than come in

Group Founder: docter01
Description: Ok so here we gona talk gym eg steroids suplements etc if its gym we will talk about it like it is and girls can join 2 if u wnt 2 lose that ugly fat around ur middel
Group Type: Public join
Members: 60
Category: Sports & Fitness > General

Topics (21)

go i need pics (0) daveguy
big i see the better ones am here for the next things to say I can't admit it but am shy but you are still in my HOTTEST WAYS TO GET A BULGE

go Chest (7) sk8er22
Ok,wats da most efective way 2 work out ur chest muscle,bt not bench pres,sumthin else...

go Weight loss (2) fitazn
Hi wot is the best way for over weight person to lose those extra stones?

go Weight gain (0) kelvinbk
How do i gain weight and build mass and muscles

go Welcome (3) docter01
Ok ppl take a br8k from the gym and tell us about ur self thanx and welcome pls befree 2 put up topics about gym

go Good program (0) skippie7
Can someone help me to make a good training program for bigger muscle

go Toning without weights (1) neyola77
Wat re d exercises i can do to get toned without using weights cos i dont have access to any but i really wud luv to get toned..i heard press ups re d best.but does it really work?

go Steroids (6) docter01
Are u useing it or like 2 or are u anti steroids

go U must eat and eat and eat (5) docter01
We dont eat enough u must eat 7times a day food like egg white; chicken; meat; fish

go Get that 6pack (13) docter01
Do u wnt a 6pack wel just do like 160 situps like 4sets of 20 morenin and night just ad 20sets perweek so its plus 40 a week morenin and night

go Training after major abdominal (1) rigid
Stuffed up by surgery. Atrophy and told no weights. Swimming n running after six months from when wound heals. That's August. Any ideas anyone? Anyone been there?

go wat age (9) love2fun
my 15 years old nephew is keen on joining a gym bt im afraid if it could harm him cos he is so young. what precaution should he take if he joins. please enlighten

go Hey (5) docter01
Ppl are u stil here

go learn to spell (0) doink69
building not buiding lol join today for all wr3estling fans photos animations vids all free

go Mass (0) docter01
If u want 2 luk like a man u must eat like 1 that means u must get 4gram protein per pound so u must drink ur mass builder evry 3hours 2get big evan if u having s*x u must drink ur mass builder


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